Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2023

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Dubai is known for its fantastic seafood restaurants, offering a wide range of fresh seafood dishes. These establishments showcase live displays, shucked oysters, delectable lobster linguine, and flavorful Kerala-style crab curry. In 2023, the top 20 seafood restaurants in Dubai offer an exceptional dining experience for seafood lovers.

Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2023

Best 20 Seafood Restaurants in Dubai

Dubai is home to a diverse range of seafood restaurants that are ideal for special celebrations. While some of these establishments may be on the higher end in terms of pricing, their exceptional quality and dining experience make them well worth the investment. Whether it’s for a milestone celebration or simply a memorable dining experience, these seafood restaurants offer exquisite options that are sure to impress.

1. The MAINE Oyster Bar & Grill

Located in JBR under the DoubleTree by Hilton, The MAINE is a renowned seafood restaurant that has captivated Dubai’s food enthusiasts. With a focus on oysters, including the highly sought-after Dibba Bay oysters, the restaurant offers a delightful selection of seafood delights. From fish tacos to raw appetizers and lobster rolls, their menu is sure to satisfy seafood lovers. If weather permits, guests can also enjoy their meal on the outdoor patio, adding to the overall dining experience.

  • Timing: 12 PM–1 AM
  • Location: Ground Floor, The DoubleTree by Hilton – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2023

2. Alici seafood restaurant in Dubai

With access to locally produced grapes, fresh seafood, handmade pasta, and renowned Amalfi lemons, it comes as no surprise that the culinary offerings at Alici are exceptional. The two-story restaurant boasts a bright and airy ambiance thanks to its abundance of windows. The design elements feature whitewashed wood, citrus trees, beachy blues, and neutral hues.

Whether you choose to dine on the balcony during winter or in the upstairs dining room with its high ceiling and floor-to-ceiling windows, you will be treated to breathtaking panoramic ocean views. Alici’s menu showcases a wide range of dishes centered around fish as the main component. From pasta dishes featuring marinated and fried seafood to daily imports from Italy, there is something for every seafood enthusiast.

At Alici (meaning “anchovies”), guests can indulge in a delightful culinary experience where quality ingredients meet stunning ocean vistas for an unforgettable dining experience.

  • Timing: 12–4 PM, 7–11:30 PM
  • Location: Bluewaters Island – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
2. Alici seafood restaurant in Dubai

3. As You Fish seafood restaurant in Dubai

As You Fish is a unique and unpretentious seafood restaurant that has the power to pleasantly surprise its patrons. With a laid-back atmosphere where flip-flops are common, this tiny establishment showcases painted murals and creatively cooked sea creatures without formalities.

Located in Umm Suqeim, facing the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, As You Fish can be found within a whitewashed home adorned with colorful artwork and mismatched cushions on garden chairs. The charming ambiance adds to the overall experience.

The menu at As You Fish offers a variety of freshly prepared dishes ranging from lobster mac ‘n cheese to sliders and tacos. Additionally, guests can savor classic options such as fish and chips, fish platters, or chowders.

For those seeking an unconventional yet delightful dining experience featuring delectable seafood choices, As You Fish provides a memorable culinary adventure in an inviting setting.

  • Timing: 12–4 PM, 7–11:30 PM
  • Location: 827b Jumeirah St – Umm Suqeim – Umm Suqeim 3 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2023

4. 101 seafood restaurant in Dubai

This restaurant has a stunning location overlooking Dubai Harbor. Guests may locate it in the hotel’s private marina. You can spend the evening outdoors on the terrace, taking in the breathtaking view of the ocean and the cityscape in the distance. It’s low-key and sophisticated, perfect for a special event.

As expected, the prices at this bar reflect the location and upscale nature of the institution, making it out of reach for all but the wealthiest drinkers. Also, this restaurant is among the best sports bars in Dubai.

  • Timing: 12 PM–1 AM
  • Location: One&Only The Palm, West Crescent, Palm Jumeirah Island – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
4. 101 seafood restaurant in Dubai

5. Al Mahara seafood restaurant in Dubai

Experience a unique dining adventure at Al Mahara, a seafood restaurant located within the iconic sail-shaped Burj Al-Arab hotel in Dubai. Upon arrival, you will be captivated by the stunning floor-to-ceiling aquarium that surrounds the restaurant.

Indulge in a three-course gourmet lunch featuring exquisite dishes like line-caught sea bass and grilled Angus steak. As you savor your meal and sip on wine (available at an additional cost), you can enjoy the mesmerizing sight of tropical fish gracefully swimming by in the aquarium.

Al Mahara offers not only exceptional cuisine but also an immersive dining experience where you can immerse yourself in an underwater world while enjoying delectable flavors.

  • Timing: Open 24 hours
  • Location: 782W+V7M – Airport Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

For a vibrant and exceptional dining experience featuring fresh seafood, Catch 22 is the place to be. While seafood lovers will appreciate the excellent selection of dishes like sushi rolls, mussels, calamari, lobster bisque, seafood soup, and lobster mac & cheese, this restaurant caters to a variety of preferences.

Beyond seafood specialties, Catch 22 offers an array of international classics that are sure to satisfy even the most discerning eaters. With its lively atmosphere and diverse menu options, Catch 22 provides a memorable dining experience for all guests seeking delicious food in Dubai.

  • Timing: 12 PM–1 AM
  • Location: Jumeirah – Jumeirah 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
4. 101 seafood restaurant in Dubai

6. Beach Bar & Grill seafood restaurant in Dubai

The Beach Bar and Grill at One&Only Royal Mirage offers not only breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf but also a delightful culinary experience. Recently partnering with renowned chef Mauro Colagreco, the restaurant has transitioned its focus from Mediterranean to Latin American cuisine.

Guests can witness the skilled chefs at the open kitchen’s wood-fired Parilla, where they prepare mouthwatering delicacies such as Argentinian rib-eye, sea bream fillet, wild giant prawns, and grilled octopus. Served in cast iron pans, these dishes are enhanced by a choice of six delectable sauces that perfectly complement the grilled meats.

With stunning surroundings and an enticing menu featuring flavors from Latin America, dining at the Beach Bar and Grill promises to be a memorable experience for guests at One&Only Royal Mirage in Dubai.

  • Timing: 12–11 PM
  • Location: One&Only Royal Mirage – King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud St – Dubai Marina – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2023

7. Aprons & Hammers; beachfront seafood restaurant in Dubai

At the beachfront resort of One&Only Royal Mirage, guests can enjoy the outdoor patio that can accommodate up to two hundred people with its tables and lounge chairs. For those who prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, the private beach area provides additional seating options including tables, chairs, lounges, and bean bags.

The menu at Beach Bar and Grill offers an enticing selection of dishes both old favorites like seafood paella and new additions such as Mahi tacos, truffle lobster mac ‘n cheese, firecracker prawns, and seared tuna sliders. These delectable choices cater to various tastes and preferences.

Known for its popularity among expats in Dubai, Beach Bar and Grill is a restaurant frequented by locals from different backgrounds seeking exceptional dining experiences. Whether enjoying a meal on the patio or at the private beach area, guests are sure to have a memorable culinary journey at this renowned establishment.

  • Timing: 12 PM–12 AM
  • Location: Dubai Marina – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2023

8. Hook & Cook seafood restaurant in Dubai

Hook & Cook, located in Palm Jumeirah, is a seafood restaurant that evokes images of charming fishing boats and delectable shellfish dishes. While it may not resemble a traditional country inn, the undeniable quality of ingredients and the meticulous effort put into preparing each meal make Hook & Cook stand out.

The restaurant offers a refreshing change from the typically serene atmosphere found at The Pointe. Its decor has been thoughtfully designed with blue and white stripes, cargo ropes, tire light fixtures, and candles in jars filled with sand and shells. Despite its small size, Hook & Cook manages to create an inviting ambiance without feeling empty or lacking character.

With its attention to detail in both cuisine and ambiance, Hook & Cook presents itself as a delightful dining destination for seafood enthusiasts seeking a memorable culinary experience on Palm Jumeirah.

  • Timing: 11:30AM–12AM
  • Location: The Pointe, Palm Jumeira, FA23 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2023

9. Fish Beach Taverna seafood restaurant in Dubai

Fish, with its coastal location, whitewashed decor, and enchanting twinkling lights, has established itself as one of the most romantic venues in the city. Whether you choose to dine on the beach or in the garden, you can savor your meal with your toes in the sand while experiencing a fusion of Greek, Turkish, and Mediterranean cuisine.

Embracing a communal table concept during lunch and dinner, Fish allows diners to indulge in a variety of hot and cold plates. For those seeking an interactive experience, guests can request freshly caught fish to be cooked right before their eyes on the restaurant’s grills or prepared in signature casseroles.

While Fish takes a break during summer months, it ensures that its delicious meals are available year-round for patrons’ enjoyment. With its delightful ambiance and delectable offerings inspired by coastal flavors from various cultures, Fish provides an unforgettable dining experience for couples looking for romance or anyone seeking exceptional seafood cuisine.

  • Timing: 12 PM – 4 PM & 6 PM – 11 PM
  • Location: Fish Beach Taverna, the Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2023

10. Moana seafood restaurant in Dubai

The popular seafood restaurant in Dubai is set in a picturesque spot on its own island. The turquoise cabins of Moana are illuminated by large windows that stretch from ceiling to floor. There’s a balcony with a pergola, so you can sit out in the fresh air and take in the resort’s stunning flora in peace.

Sashimi, nigiri, and maki rolls are just a few options at the sushi bar. You may also get your hands on grilled chicken anticucho, salmon criollo, or ceviche from a street vendor. Also, after resting, never miss the chance to go to the best nightclubs in Dubai.

  • Timing: open 24 hours
  • Location: The Palm Jumeirah East – Crescent Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2023

11. Geales seafood restaurant in Dubai

Geales presents a unique blend of British gastropub charm and stylish decor, making it somewhat difficult to categorize within the seafood hierarchy of the city. Located in Notting Hill, this restaurant offers traditional dishes like fish and chips and beef pie alongside more refined options from their raw bar.

While Geales retains the cozy atmosphere of a British gastropub with Union Flag throw cushions and a roaring fire, its stylish decor sets it apart. The menu boasts delectable seafood dishes, including an impressive fish cake accompanied by a savory curry sauce that surpasses expectations.

For those seeking both comfort and culinary excellence, Geales provides an enjoyable dining experience. Whether indulging in classic favorites or exploring their raw bar creations, guests can also take advantage of outdoor patios to soak in the surrounding scenery while savoring their meal.

  • Timing: 1–11:30 PM
  • Location: Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa – Al Mamsha St – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

12. Ossiano seafood restaurant in Dubai

Do you ever fantasize about experiencing a meal on the ocean floor? Ossiano’s cuisine is designed to let you achieve just that.  The underwater restaurant Ossiano at Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai, is among the city’s finest. Its glass walls stretch from floor to ceiling, providing diners with a spectacular view of the Ambassador Lagoon, home to more than 65,000 fish.

While you dine on various seafood dishes, a stingray will swim by your table at this highly-rated eatery. In addition, we can say that this restaurant is one the best 24-hour restaurants in Dubai.

  • Timing: 6 PM–1 AM
  • Location: Crescent Rd – The Palm Jumeirah – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2023

13. Rockfish seafood restaurant in Dubai

Rockfish, situated in Jumeirah Al Naseem, is a Mediterranean seafood restaurant that recently welcomed Marco Garfagnini as its new executive chef. With this exciting addition, guests can anticipate a culinary journey featuring delectable appetizers such as roasted langoustine with lentil puree or tuna tartare accompanied by crispy saffron rice.

Continuing the delightful experience, diners have the choice between indulging in a slow-cooked goat prepared over 36 hours or savoring a line-caught seabass served with artichoke and lemon emulsion. These dishes draw inspiration from hearty and traditional Italian cuisine, adding an extra touch of flavor to Rockfish’s menu.

With Chef Marco Garfagnini at the helm, Rockfish promises an unforgettable dining experience for seafood enthusiasts who appreciate Mediterranean flavors combined with Italian influences.

  • Timing: 12:30–3:30 PM, 6–10:30 PM
  • Location: Jumeirah Al Naseem, Madinat Jumeirah, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Street, Umm Suqeim 3 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

14. Pierchic seafood restaurant in Dubai

Pierchic stands out as one of the top seafood restaurants in Dubai for several compelling reasons. Notably, the restaurant prioritizes ecological responsibility, adding a sense of integrity to its offerings. While some may consider the price range to be on the higher end, dining at Pierchic is often considered a bucket-list experience that justifies the cost.

The freshness and quality of their fish are unquestionable, with generous portions that satisfy seafood lovers. For those seeking variety and value, Pierchic’s brunches on Fridays and Saturdays offer an excellent opportunity to sample a wide selection of dishes at a reasonable price.

With its commitment to sustainability and exceptional culinary experiences, Pierchic continues to impress both locals and visitors alike as one of Dubai’s premier seafood destinations.

  • Timing: 1–2:30 PM, 6:30–10 PM
  • Location: Madinat Jumeirah – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

15. Seagrill Bistro seafood restaurant in Dubai

Seagrill Bistro is an upscale seafood restaurant on The Palm, with views of the beach and Dubai Marina. The restaurant is vibrant thanks to its high ceiling and large windows, white painted walls and sneers pillars, creative chandelier, and brightly colored soft furnishings.

You may quickly fulfill your Instagram desires with the seafood platter, which has a whole crab, two layers of fresh mussels, oysters, salmon sashimi, and a dish of smoking dry ice. Moreover, this restaurant is considered among the top restaurants in City Walk Dubai.

  • Timing: 1–2:30 PM, 6:30–10 PM
  • Location: Palm Jumeirah – The Palm Jumeirah – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2023

16. Seafood Kitchen Restaurants in Dubai

Seafood Kitchen on The Pointe is now offering a second dinner service, providing more opportunities for diners to enjoy their selection of delectable European seafood dishes. What sets this restaurant apart are the fantastic deals on seafood throughout the week, including “mussels bargain” on Tuesdays, “oyster night” on Wednesdays, “ladies’ night” on Thursdays, and a tempting “brunch buffet” on Fridays.

While the culinary execution at Seafood Kitchen is commendable with perfectly cooked dishes, some meals may benefit from small adjustments to elevate them further in line with the breathtaking views and captivating surroundings. For instance, enhancing the tenderness of scallops with a touch more salt or optimizing the flavor of red snapper by serving it in smaller pieces can enhance the overall dining experience. Additionally, taking care not to overcook lobster when boiling it can help preserve its delicate flavors.

With its enticing menu offerings and attractive weekly specials along with potential refinements in preparation techniques, Seafood Kitchen promises an enjoyable dining experience that combines delicious cuisine with picturesque surroundings at The Pointe.

  • Timing: 1–2:30 PM, 6:30–10 PM
  • Location: The Pointe, Shop Number GB03 & FB03 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2023

17. Sea Fu Restaurant in Dubai

Sea Fu restaurant in Dubai offers a delightful dining experience with its elegant and comfortable ambiance, showcasing a fusion of delicious Asian-inspired dishes and innovative Mediterranean cuisine. The evenings at Sea Fu are truly breathtaking.

The restaurant’s atmosphere is enhanced by the soft glow of elegant lanterns illuminating the pool and ocean views, while a colorful desk adds a touch of drama. Guests have the option to relax in the sunken lounge by the inviting fire pit or enjoy drinks at the seaside bar.

When it comes to their culinary offerings, Sea Fu excels with flavorful prawns that carry a delightful spiciness and sashimi tuna served atop Akami Pizza for an intriguing combination. To complement these delectable dishes, guests can indulge in smooth lychee sake or refreshing lemongrass martinis.

With its impeccable setting and diverse menu options, Sea Fu ensures an unforgettable dining experience where flavors from different cuisines harmonize beautifully.

  • Timing: 12:30 PM–12 AM
  • Location: 2 Jumeirah Beach Rd – Jumeirah – Jumeirah 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

18. Seaview seafood restaurant in Dubai

Located in the heart of Jumeirah’s fishing district, this charming little eatery is a haven for seafood lovers. With its prime location, diners can enjoy the breathtaking sight of the sunset behind the bobbing fishing boats, making timing your arrival even more special.

Offering some of the best seafood in Dubai, this restaurant boasts a wide selection of delectable dishes that are sure to please any palate. What sets it apart is its affordability, as it chooses not to follow Dubai’s trend of raising costs and instead offers reasonably priced home-cooked meals.

For those seeking fresh seafood and an authentic dining experience without breaking the bank, this hidden gem provides a delightful culinary journey through flavors that will leave you satisfied and wanting to come back for more.

  • Timing: 12 PM–12 AM
  • Location: Fishing Harbor – off Jumeirah Street – Umm Suqeim – Umm Suqeim 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2023

19. The Fish House seafood restaurant in Dubai

At The Fish House, customers can expect a genuine and inviting dining experience that embraces local customs and values. With a commitment to sourcing the best fish and shellfish, this restaurant takes pride in preparing each daily catch with meticulous care and attention to detail.

What sets The Fish House apart is their dedication to catering to individual tastes, ensuring an authentic and unpretentious culinary journey for every guest. They understand the diverse ways in which people enjoy food and strive to create a memorable experience tailored to each diner’s preferences.

One standout feature of The Fish House is their hero meals showcased at the Fish House Tower. This unique offering presents an impressive array of fresh fish delicacies sourced from reliable nearby vendors, highlighting the restaurant’s commitment to quality.

With its emphasis on authenticity, exceptional seafood selections, and dedication to customer satisfaction, The Fish House stands out as a destination where diners can indulge in delectable ocean-inspired cuisine while enjoying warm hospitality in an inviting ambiance.

  • Timing: 11AM–12AM
  • Location: Damascus Street – Al Qusais Industrial Area – Al Qusais Industrial Area 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2023

20. Seafood Market restaurant in Dubai

Seafood Market has secured its place on our list of top Dubai seafood restaurants for 2022 due to its unwavering commitment to consistently serving high-quality meals. The restaurant’s renowned tasting menu is highly regarded, and rightfully so, as the food exemplifies the utmost freshness and excellence.

Whether you opt for prawns or lobster, cooked with heat or butter, every dish presented at Seafood Market is flawlessly prepared. Guests can expect a culinary experience that showcases the finest ingredients and impeccable execution.

With its dedication to quality and an emphasis on delivering exceptional flavors, Seafood Market continues to impress diners seeking top-notch seafood cuisine in Dubai.

  • Timing: 12:30–5 PM, 7–11:30 PM
  • Location: Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Center – Airport Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2023

21. Dampa Seafood Grill restaurant in Dubai

Dampa Seafood Grill in Deira takes inspiration from the Filipino tradition of sharing a bountiful lunch with loved ones, seated at communal tables and enjoying the experience of eating with your hands. Not only is it renowned as an excellent budget-friendly restaurant, but it also claims the top spot among Dubai’s seafood dining establishments.

Prepare yourself for a feast at Dampa Seafood Grill, where a generous plate filled with fresh shrimp, crab, mussels, and clams awaits you. Accompanied by an abundance of rice to complement the flavors perfectly, this warm and inviting setting invites guests to indulge in delectable seafood offerings.

Whether you are seeking affordable yet scrumptious dining or simply craving a memorable seafood experience in Dubai, Dampa Seafood Grill promises to satisfy your cravings while immersing you in the lively spirit of Filipino culinary traditions.

  • Timing: 11:45 AM–11:30 PM
  • Location: Baniyas Rd – Port Saeed – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2023

22. Calicut Paragon seafood restaurant in Dubai

Calicut Paragon, one of the top Keralan and best seafood restaurants in Dubai, serves you delicious, unpretentious seafood at reasonable costs. The coastal South Indian foods, such as stews, grills, curries, and clay pots, are the focus here. However, you can find these Indian foods in the best Indian restaurants in Dubai.

Also, the food is always consistent with what you would get at the original location in Kerala, making the trip down to Karama well worth it. In addition to being a popular ingredient, coconut is also a favorite of the region’s chefs. That is to say; it’s mouthwateringly good.

  • Timing: 7 AM–12 AM
  • Location: Al Ghani Building – G Floor – Amman St – Al Nahda – Al Nahda 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2023

23. Ibn AlBahr seafood restaurant in Dubai

Located in Dubai, Ibn AlBahr stands out as one of the city’s premier fish restaurants. With its prime location near the Arabian Gulf and managed by fishermen, it offers an exceptional seafood dining experience with a trendy Lebanese twist.

At Ibn AlBahr, guests have the unique opportunity to personally select their catch from a fresh fish counter or seek recommendations from knowledgeable waitstaff. The restaurant takes pride in ensuring the quality of their catches, allowing diners to indulge in whole grilled fish prepared with olive oil and lemon—a signature dish that showcases their commitment to excellence.

For those seeking not only top-quality seafood but also an outdoor dining experience, Ibn AlBahr is a must-visit destination. Settle into this stylish establishment and savor some of the finest seafood dishes Dubai has to offer—truly making it one of the greatest seafood restaurants in town.

  • Timing: 8:30 AM–12 AM
  • Location: Club Vista Mare (Palm Jumeriah – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

24. Lucky Fish seafood restaurant in Dubai

Lucky Fish is an upcoming restaurant that prioritizes sustainability and caters to individuals who value luxury items, particularly seafood. Anticipation surrounds its opening in 2021 as it aims to collaborate with local fishermen, showcasing a daily selection of fresh seafood beautifully presented on ice. The establishment also places great importance on sourcing locally for salads and vegetables while maintaining a strict no-plastics policy.

Despite being situated on the beach, Lucky Fish has already gained recognition as one of the finest dining establishments in town. As a result, patrons can expect to encounter well-dressed individuals enjoying their culinary experience at this highly regarded restaurant.

With its commitment to sustainable practices and emphasis on quality ingredients, Lucky Fish is set to make waves in Dubai’s dining scene by offering an exquisite seafood-focused menu paired with stunning coastal views.

  • Timing: 11 AM–3 AM
  • Location: Palm Jumeirah – The Palm Jumeirah – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2023

25. NOÉPE seafood restaurant in Dubai

NOÉPE is a highly romantic seafront restaurant known for its exceptional seafood offerings and stunning ambiance. With breathtaking views of the Dubai Creek, this establishment exudes an atmosphere reminiscent of a Cape Cod beach home, featuring white drapes, natural wood tones, and sea foam green accents.

The cuisine at NOÉPE revolves around showcasing fresh catches that are prepared to perfection. Sea bass, prawns, and lobster are among the standout options that promise to delight diners with their impeccable flavors and expert culinary execution.

For those seeking a memorable dining experience filled with romance and delectable seafood delicacies, NOÉPE stands out as one of Dubai’s top choices. Its idyllic setting combined with the focus on high-quality ingredients make it an ideal destination for couples or anyone looking for an enchanting meal by the sea.

  • Timing: 12 PM–12 AM
  • Location: Park Hyatt Dubai Dubai Creek Resort – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2023

26. Peppercrab seafood restaurant in Dubai

You will feel like you’ve stepped into another universe when you enter this top-rated seafood restaurant in Dubai Marina. The restaurant’s fantastic menu has something for every kind of dinner, so if you want to have a really memorable dining experience, you should go there first.

After eating your seafood in this restaurant, we suggest you visit the best beach clubs in Dubai. These clubs are so funny, and you can have a fantastic night there.

  • Location: Convention Centre, Grand Hyatt Dubai – Sheikh Rashid Rd – Umm Hurair 2 – Dubai
  • Timing: 7:00 PM – 11:30 PM (daily)
Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2023


let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the best seafood restaurant in Dubai.

Q: What is the best seafood restaurant in Dubai?
A: There are several top seafood restaurants in Dubai, each with its unique offerings and ambiance. Some highly regarded options include Pierchic, Sea Fu, Seafood Kitchen on The Pointe, The Fish House, Dampa Seafood Grill, Ibn AlBahr, Lucky Fish, and NOÉPE.

Q: Which seafood restaurant offers a great dining experience at a reasonable price?
A: Seafood Kitchen on The Pointe is known for offering a wide selection of dishes at reasonable prices. They have special deals throughout the week like “mussels bargain” on Tuesdays or an “oyster night” on Wednesdays that provide excellent value for money.

Q: Are there any sustainable seafood restaurants in Dubai?
A: Yes, some seafood restaurants in Dubai prioritize sustainability. For example, Pierchic emphasizes ecological responsibility while Lucky Fish collaborates with local fishermen and has a strict no-plastics policy.

Q: Where can I find fresh catches prepared to perfection?
A: Many of the top seafood restaurants in Dubai excel at preparing fresh catches to perfection. Examples include NOÉPE with its sea bass and lobster dishes or Ibn AlBahr where you can personally select your catch from their fresh fish counter.

These are just some examples of frequently asked questions about the best seafood restaurants in Dubai.

How do I choose a Dubai seafood restaurant?

When selecting a seafood restaurant in Dubai, it is important to consider factors such as proximity, cleanliness, ingredient quality, and menu diversity. Choosing a restaurant that is conveniently located can enhance your overall dining experience. Prioritizing cleanliness ensures a hygienic environment for enjoying your meal. Opting for restaurants that prioritize high-quality ingredients guarantees the freshness and flavor of the seafood dishes. Lastly, menu diversity allows you to explore various options and cater to different preferences.

Alternatively, if you prefer convenience or want recommendations from trusted sources, referring to our earlier descriptions of some favorite seafood restaurants mentioned above can save you time and effort in finding an excellent dining destination in Dubai.

Which seafood dish is the most popular at Dubai seafood restaurants?

The most common seafood is shrimp, which is found all throughout the globe.

What fishes are most frequent in Dubai seafood restaurants?

Dubai’s coastline offers a diverse range of fish due to its geographical location. Some notable species that can be found in the waters include threadfin bream, ladyfish, barracuda, Sheri (also known as kingfish), dorado (mahi-mahi), and yellowfin tuna. These varieties provide seafood restaurants in Dubai with an abundant selection of fresh fish to serve their patrons, making it a haven for seafood enthusiasts seeking delicious and diverse culinary experiences.

Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2023

Where are the Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2023?

Our selection of the top 20 seafood restaurants in Dubai in 2023 is now complete. Even though we provided a list of great seafood places, there is still a lot to discover.

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Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2023

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