Best Hospitals in Sharjah with 2023 reviews

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Here is a list of some of the top hospitals in Sharjah that provide prompt medical care and a range of specialized services in emergencies:

  1. Al Qassimi Hospital: A multi-specialty hospital offering a wide range of medical services including emergency care, surgeries, and specialized treatments.
  2. University Hospital Sharjah: A leading healthcare facility with advanced medical technology and a team of highly skilled doctors providing comprehensive emergency care and specialized treatments.
  3. Zulekha Hospital: A renowned hospital known for its state-of-the-art facilities and expert medical staff, offering emergency services and a wide range of medical specialties.
  4. Medcare Hospital Sharjah: A modern hospital equipped with advanced medical technology, providing emergency services and specialized treatments in various medical fields.
  5. Thumbay Hospital: A well-established hospital with a dedicated emergency department and specialized services in different medical disciplines.

These hospitals strive to deliver quality healthcare services and prioritize patient well-being, making them some of the top choices for medical care in Sharjah.

Best Hospitals in Sharjah with 2023 reviews

What Are the Best Hospitals in Sharjah?

Our ranking of the best hospitals in Sharjah includes a mix of private and public healthcare centers that provide excellent medical services:

1. Zulekha Hospital in Sharjah; Best for Indiana Living in Sharjah

Zulekha Hospital, a highly regarded medical facility in Sharjah, is known for its comprehensive range of specialized healthcare services. With affordable medical care options, advanced equipment, and dedicated specialty units such as urology and endocrinology, Zulekha Hospital is considered one of the top hospitals in Sharjah. The hospital also provides emergency services and intensive care units to cater to a wide range of medical needs.

Best Hospitals in Sharjah with 2023 reviews

2. Medcare Hospital Sharjah; Top Orthopaedic Department in Sharjah

Medcare Hospital Sharjah is recognized for its round-the-clock emergency and advanced surgical care services. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and skilled medical professionals, it is considered one of the top hospitals in Sharjah. The hospital’s Orthopaedic Department is particularly renowned for its expertise in treating ligament tears, bone fractures, and spinal conditions. Medcare Hospital Sharjah’s commitment to delivering excellent healthcare has earned it a strong reputation in the region.

Best Hospitals in Sharjah with 2023 reviews

3. Private Health Center in Sharjah; NMC Royal Hospital, one of the great hospitals in Sharjah

NMC Royal Hospital in Sharjah has established itself as a leading private healthcare facility since its establishment in 1981. Known for its high-quality treatment and comprehensive medical services, it is a top choice for patients not only in Sharjah but also across the UAE. The hospital boasts a highly skilled medical team and specializes in various departments, including cardiology, endocrinology, pediatrics, neurosurgery, and oncology. Additional supportive services such as psychiatry, speech and language therapy, and physiotherapy further contribute to the hospital’s reputation as one of the top hospitals in Sharjah.

Best Hospitals in Sharjah with 2023 reviews

4. University Hospital; A Hospital With Online Appointment in Sharjah

University Hospital Sharjah is a patient-centered medical institution that offers online appointments for convenience. With 325 beds and advanced medical equipment, including emergency and intensive care units, the hospital is well-equipped to handle any medical emergency. As a government hospital in Sharjah, it benefits from the expertise of specialized staff from the nearby University of Sharjah’s medical campus. The hospital offers a wide range of services, including audiology, peritoneal dialysis, pathology, and more. Additional facilities such as a pharmacy and physiotherapy clinic contribute to the overall comfort of patients. It is highly regarded in the list of hospitals in Sharjah.

5. A Well-Equipped Hospital in Sharjah; Corniche Hospital

An additional, comprehensive healthcare center is Sharjah Corniche Hospital, conveniently located near Al Majaz rental flats. It has a wide range of specialities and divisions. Sharjah Corniche Hospital, for example, has a wide range of medical, surgical, laboratory, and support services.

The testing facility is outfitted with cutting-edge tools, allowing for fully automated and computerized examinations. These tests may be used to examine the immune system, cytology, hematology, microorganisms, and biochemistry. It is one of the best hospitals in Sharjah.

Since its location is near some of the best tourist attractions in Sharjah, patients and their families can entertain themselves by visiting Al Noor Island near the hospital.

6. Burjeel Hospital Sharjah; Standard-Based Hospital in Sharjah

Burjeel Hospital, part of the VPS Healthcare Group, is renowned for its exceptional patient care and state-of-the-art diagnostic technology. With 75 beds and round-the-clock emergency and laboratory services, the hospital offers a welcoming environment and personalized treatment. Specialties such as obesity and weight loss surgery, joint replacement, and general medicine are among the services provided. Burjeel Hospital in Sharjah is highly regarded in the list of hospitals in the city.

Best Hospitals in Sharjah with 2023 reviews

7. Al Saha Al Shifa; A Hospital in Sharjah With 15 Years of experience

Sharjah’s Al Saha Al Shifa Daycare Hospital, located next to the Rolla Clock Tower, is a medical center with origins in the Middle East. The hospital has been active in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, with the same title for the last 15 years. Sharjah’s Al Shifa Hospital is a major participant in healthcare because of its patient-centered approach. It is one of the best hospitals in Sharjah.

Various medical, diagnostic, and interventional techniques are available to ensure that patients get the best possible care. Also, staff members at Al Shifa hospital work to keep patients happy and healthy. Al Shifa Hospital’s specialties include otolaryngology, gynecology, urology, orthopedics, dentistry, and laparoscopic surgery. It has a good position in Sharjah’s best hospitals list.

Moreover, this hospital is near the best tourist attractions in Sharjah, such as the desert park. The patient’s family can visit the Sharjah Desert Park and enjoy their free time.

8. Most Extensive Hospital in Sharjah; Al Zahra Hospital

Established in 1981, Al Zahra Hospital in Sharjah has grown to become one of the largest medical facilities in the UAE. With a focus on building personal connections with patients, the hospital creates a nurturing environment for rehabilitation. The hospital prides itself on its highly trained and experienced staff recruited from renowned institutions worldwide. Through continuous education and training, Al Zahra Hospital aims to improve healthcare and staff efficiency, providing the best medical services to patients. With a strong influence on the local healthcare industry over the past 35 years, the hospital offers long-term prospects for both patients and employees. Al Zahra Hospital is recognized as one of the top hospitals on the Sharjah hospital list.

Best Hospitals in Sharjah with 2023 reviews

9. Most Affordable Hospital in Sharjah; Oriana Hospital Sharjah

Oriana Hospital in Sharjah is a primary healthcare facility renowned for its skilled physicians and advanced equipment. It stands out as one of the most affordable hospitals in Sharjah, providing high-quality care at affordable prices. With a wide range of medical specializations, including plastic and aesthetic surgery, cardiology, urology, radiology, and a respiratory unit, Oriana Hospital offers comprehensive healthcare services. It is also recognized as a leading dental hospital in Sharjah, offering oral surgery and helping patients achieve a beautiful smile. Oriana Hospital is committed to delivering excellent healthcare services to its patients at accessible costs.

10. Best Dental Facility; Al Lulu Medical Center in Sharjah

Al Lulu Medical Center in Sharjah is a state-of-the-art dental facility renowned for providing exceptional dental treatment in a friendly and comfortable environment. With a team of experienced dentists and support staff, the center has served over 40,000 patients since its establishment in 2001, making it one of the most experienced dental facilities in Sharjah.

At Al Lulu Medical Center, patients have access to the latest advancements in dentistry. The center accepts a wide range of insurance companies and offers various dental care services, including orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry, veneers or lumineers, teeth whitening, periodontics, and root canal treatment (endodontics). The center’s commitment to delivering high-quality dental care has earned it a strong reputation in Sharjah.

11. New Hope IVF Gynaecology & Fertility Hospital in Sharjah

You can find New Hope IVF just off the Al Mamzar Corniche and behind Taawan Mall in Dubai. It is a simple journey from either the Northern or Southern Emirates to get there. The distance from the hospital to the international airports in Dubai and Sharjah is almost the same. Since the hospital is near Dubai, patients and their families can visit cheap bookstores in Dubai so that their time passes more easily. If they are shopaholics people they could visit the most popular shopping malls in Dubai too.

The hospital offers extensive diagnostic and therapeutic assistance for those struggling with infertility. Experts at the hospital have been treating and managing infertility issues for more than 20 years. Each of them has been hand-picked to provide outstanding service to the local and global communities.

Their global team consists of skilled doctors and scientists, executives, and technicians from Europe and Asia, as well as fertility experts, embryologists, and administrative staff.

12. Thumbay Medical and Dental Speciality Hospital in Sharjah

Thumbay Hospital in Sharjah, established in 2011, is a renowned medical and dental specialty hospital. It is part of the Thumbay Group, a diversified conglomerate known for its high-quality medical services and recognized as a leading private academic hospital in the UAE. Formerly known as Sharjah GMC Medical & Dental Specialty Centre, it is considered one of the best hospitals in Sharjah.

The hospital boasts 12 departments, including cardiology, dentistry, orthopedics, general surgery, and pediatrics, offering exceptional care at affordable costs. It also collaborates with the Dental College of Gulf Medical University to provide clinical teaching opportunities.

With a dedicated Department of International Medical and Health Tourism, the hospital caters to international patients, ensuring personalized care from admission to follow-up. Thumbay Hospital has received prestigious honors, including the Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award, further attesting to its commitment to excellence in healthcare.

13. Al Fasht Medical Centre, a great hospital in Sharjah

If you’re seeking physiotherapy in Sharjah, Al Fasht Medical Centre is a recommended option. As part of your visit, the doctor will evaluate your symptoms and suggest suitable treatment options, including physiotherapy. Located in Sharjah, it is a recognized medical center with a favorable position on the list of hospitals in the city.

What Are the Best Government Hospitals in Sharjah?

The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) has established several government hospitals in Sharjah to cater to the healthcare needs of the population. These hospitals are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and provide a wide range of medical services. Here is a list of government hospitals in Sharjah that offer quality healthcare services to the public.

Best Hospitals in Sharjah with 2022 reviews

14. Kuwait Hospital; Top Government Hospital in Sharjah

Kuwait Hospital, formerly known as Al Baraha Hospital, is a leading government hospital in Sharjah. It offers a wide range of healthcare services, from initial consultations to specialized treatments. With its commitment to providing quality healthcare, Kuwait Hospital is recognized as one of the best government hospitals in Sharjah.

Best Hospitals in Sharjah with 2022 reviews

15. Major Government Hospital in Sharjah; Al Qassimi

Al Qassimi Hospital, located in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, is a prominent government hospital in the region. The hospital is accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), reflecting its commitment to international standards of healthcare. Managed by MOHAP, Al Qassimi Hospital provides comprehensive medical treatment across various specialties, including clinics, surgery rooms, pediatric services, a heart hospital, and physical therapy programs. It holds a strong position in the list of hospitals in Sharjah.

Best Hospitals in Sharjah with 2023 reviews

16. Al Qassimi Hospital for Women and Children in Sharjah

Al Qassimi Hospital for Women and Children, located in Sharjah, is a public healthcare institution dedicated to providing high-quality medical care to women and children. The hospital follows the highest standards in pregnancy and newborn care, aligning with the United Arab Emirates National Health Strategy and Centennial 2071 goals. It offers specialized services including Neonatal Intensive Care, infectious disease units, pediatric psychology, cardiac care, gynecology, and renal disorders. The hospital is renowned for its expertise in treating complex congenital heart diseases in children. It is recognized as a top destination for childbirth and pediatric healthcare in Sharjah.

 17. EHS Health Care Center, an excellent hospital in Sharjah

Emirates Health Services is a prominent healthcare organization in Sharjah, dedicated to enhancing the efficiency and quality of healthcare services within the government sector. The hospital focuses on providing medical care, implementing preventive measures, combating diseases, and promoting advancements in healthcare. It adheres to policies and standards set by the Ministry of Health and plays a crucial role in the growth and development of the government health system. Emirates Health Services is widely recognized for its commitment to delivering reliable healthcare services in Sharjah.

18. Al Dhaid; Public Hospital in Sharjah With a Wide Range of Sectors

Al Dhaid Hospital is a public healthcare facility in Sharjah that offers a wide range of medical services to residents. With specialties including general surgery, internal medicine, maternity and children’s care, and diagnostic imaging, the hospital is well-equipped to meet the healthcare needs of the community. Al Dhaid Hospital holds a favorable position on the list of hospitals in Sharjah, reflecting its commitment to delivering quality care to patients.

19. A Hospital in Sharjah Equipped With A Helipad; Kalba

Kalba Hospital, situated near Fujairah in Sharjah, is a renowned public healthcare facility. With a total area of 14,500 square meters and 85 beds, the hospital is well-equipped to serve the residents of Sharjah and the surrounding area. The presence of a helipad enables the provision of air medical services in Sharjah and Fujairah. Known for its world-class medical treatment, Kalba Hospital is recognized as one of the best-equipped hospitals in Sharjah.

FAQs About the Best Hospital in Sharjah

As you know, there are so many hospitals in Sharjah which you can visit in case of emergency. However, there are some questions that might cross your mind. Those frequently asked questions are as follows.

Who Is in Charge of Supervising Sharjah’s Hospitality?

The Sharjah Health Authority is responsible for overseeing the licensing of all medical practitioners in the city. This ensures that healthcare professionals meet the necessary qualifications and standards to provide medical services in Sharjah.

Has Sharjah Government Hospitals Provided Free Medical Care?

In Sharjah’s public hospitals, emergency patients receive free care, alleviating concerns about payment. The city’s public hospitals also provide free treatment to residents, while private health insurance plans for foreigners often cover treatment at these hospitals. This ensures that individuals in need of medical assistance can receive the necessary care without financial burden.

Is Health Insurance Required in Sharjah?

Health insurance is a mandatory requirement for all foreign nationals residing in the country. This ensures that individuals have access to necessary healthcare services and coverage in case of medical emergencies or routine medical needs. Having health insurance provides financial protection and peace of mind for foreign residents in the UAE.

Best Hospitals in Sharjah with 2023 reviews

Which hospital is the best hospital in Sharjah?

That’s all there is to know about top hospitals in Sharjah, where you may get the care you need.

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Best Hospitals in Sharjah with 2023 reviews
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