List of 20 Best Chocolate Stores in Dubai

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If you’re in search of the best chocolate shops in Dubai to find the perfect gift for occasions like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or a friend’s birthday, look no further. We’ve curated a list of beautiful and delicious chocolate shops for you to explore:

  1. La Maison du Chocolat: Known for their exquisite handmade chocolates and elegant packaging, La Maison du Chocolat offers a wide selection of delectable treats to delight any chocolate lover.
  2. Mirzam Chocolate Makers: This artisanal chocolate shop sources premium cocoa beans from around the world and crafts their chocolates in-house. With unique flavors and beautifully designed bars, Mirzam Chocolate Makers is a must-visit for chocolate connoisseurs.
  3. Patchi: A renowned chocolate brand, Patchi combines fine quality chocolate with artistic designs. From luxurious gift boxes to personalized assortments, Patchi offers a range of options to suit every occasion.
  4. Al Nassma: Specializing in camel milk chocolate, Al Nassma offers a unique and distinct flavor experience. Their chocolates make for a memorable and locally inspired gift.
  5. Boutique Le Chocolat: This boutique chocolate store features a carefully curated selection of chocolates from renowned international brands. With a variety of flavors and styles, Boutique Le Chocolat is a treasure trove for chocolate enthusiasts.

These delightful chocolate shops in Dubai will surely satisfy your craving for quality chocolates and make for exceptional gifts to celebrate special moments.

Chocolate Shops in Dubai for All Occasions

There are so many shopping malls in Dubai that most people are happy with spending time and shopping in them. If you are one of those people who are interested in a budget-friendly purchase, we recommend that you read 1 to 10 dirham shops in Dubai article, and get to know where these shopping malls are in Dubai. Also, if you live in other cities in the UAE, we should say that there are also these types of markets For example, 1-10 dirhams shops in Sharjah.

But if you want to make a delicious purchase, be with us until the end of this article. If you are looking for Dubai’s famous chocolates or want to buy beautiful chocolate boxes for gifts, do not miss this article that we have made a list of the best chocolate shops in Dubai for you.

1. Laderach Chocolatier, one of the best chocolate shops in Dubai

Dubai Mall is now home to a renowned Swiss handmade chocolate shop, which has quickly gained popularity. This exceptional chocolate shop opened its doors in September last year, and it has since expanded to four branches, including locations in Mall of the Emirates and Nakheel Mall. The shop prides itself on creating remarkable quality chocolates, using only the finest and most delicious ingredients. Whether you’re a chocolate aficionado or searching for a delightful gift, this Swiss handmade chocolate shop in Dubai is sure to satisfy your cravings and impress with its delectable creations.

List of 20 best chocolate stores in Dubai

2. Al Nassma, one of Dubai’s famous chocolate names

Al Nassma is a unique Dubai chocolate brand that stands out for its specialization in using camel milk to create their chocolates. This distinct approach sets them apart from other chocolate brands and adds a touch of novelty to their products. Camel milk offers excellent features such as higher vitamin C content, lower fat, less lactose, and reduced sugar levels, contributing to the exceptional qualities of Al Nassma chocolates. Their selection includes a variety of bars with flavors like cardamom, cumin, and caramel. Notably, their camel-shaped truffles make for a delightful and memorable gift. Al Nassma chocolates can be found in souvenir shops throughout Dubai, including those in Dubai parks and resorts. Indulging in these unique chocolates is a wonderful way to experience the combination of tradition and innovation in Dubai’s culinary offerings.

List of 20 best chocolate stores in Dubai

3. Patchi, a perfect chocolate shop in the UAE

Patchi has 12 branches in Dubai. It’s a Lebanese brand and it’s one of the most famous chocolate shops in Dubai. Patchi is well-known for its great taste and unbelievable packaging. Beside the Patchi chocolate shop in Dubai Mall, you can find it somewhere like Mall of Emirates, Mirdif City Center, Burjuman Center, Dubai Festival City Mall, and Mercato Mall.

Its other locations are Wafi Mall, Atlantis Boutique, and City Center Me’aisem.

List of 20 best chocolate stores in Dubai

4. Chocolala, one of the best chocolate shops in Dubai

There are several cake shops in Dubai that have excellent chocolate cakes, but some people prefer to eat only the chocolate, not with cake or biscuits. One of the most famous entries for chocolate shops in Dubai is Chocolala which has two branches in Dubai. One of them is in Al Barsha and the other is in Etihad Mall. When you enter this store, you find yourself in a sea of chocolate, different baskets filled with beautiful boxes of chocolate. The good news is that you can find a box of chocolate gifts for every occasion you want, such as weddings, birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, etc. You can find anything you want at any price, from small boxes at 15 dirhams to an elegant chocolate bouquet, basket and gold plated tray at 1000 dirham.

List of 20 best chocolate stores in Dubai

5. Forrey and Galland, one of the best chocolate companies in Dubai

Forrey and Galland is a renowned French chocolate shop located in Dubai. Their handpicked, handmade, and custom-packaged chocolates have earned them a reputation as one of the best chocolate companies in the city.

What sets Forrey and Galland apart is their unique blend of French and Arabic flavors. They create exquisite masterpieces that incorporate traditional Middle Eastern ingredients such as halwa and saffron into their delectable treats.

One of their standout creations is the Rose petal chocolate, which makes for an excellent gift option, especially for Valentine’s Day. If you’re looking to indulge in luxurious chocolates or surprise someone with a sweet gesture, don’t miss visiting Forrey and Galland at Dubai Mall.

List of 20 best chocolate stores in Dubai

6. Le Chocolatier, one of the best luxury chocolate in the UAE

You can find it in Jumeirah Lakes Towers(JLT), Cluster W. Le Chocolatier has a range of products from mouth-watering chocolate to wedding favours and we have to say here is one of the best luxury chocolate shops in Dubai. This shop is for people who are looking for original, handcrafted decorations where these are gifts or fine chocolates. They can also design their product as your event theme.

List of 20 best chocolate stores in Dubai

7. Le Chocola, another luxury chocolate shop in Dubai

Le Chocola is a renowned chocolate brand in Dubai, known for their exceptional and luxurious chocolate gift boxes. They offer a wide selection of beautifully crafted chocolate boxes suitable for every occasion.

With Le Chocola, you can find the perfect box of chocolates to give away as a special gift. The shop has gained popularity for its high-quality offerings and impeccable presentation.

Their range includes options at different price points, with box prices starting from around 1500 dirhams and baskets priced around 3000 dirhams. This allows customers to choose according to their preferences and budget.

Le Chocola has three branches located in Jumeirah, Al Mamzar, and Al Twar Center, making it convenient for residents and visitors across various parts of Dubai to access their delectable creations.

8. Godiva, one of the best chocolate brands in Dubai

Godiva is one of the oldest and most renowned chocolate brands in Dubai, having been established in 1962. With several branches across the city, including iconic locations like Mall of Emirates, Dubai Mall, City Walk, Dubai Festival City Mall, and Al Barsha, Godiva offers a delightful experience for chocolate enthusiasts.

In addition to their wide range of delectable chocolates, Godiva also features beautifully designed cafes where visitors can enjoy an indulgent treat. Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a relaxing coffee break surrounded by luxurious chocolates, Godiva provides a great time for all chocolate lovers in Dubai.

List of 20 best chocolate stores in Dubai

9. Boutique Le Chocolate, an excellent chocolate brand in Dubai

This chocolate shop was developed by Meraas and is located in City Walk. It is the only company in the Middle East that brings its chocolates from the best chocolate makers in countries such as Switzerland and France and creates an unforgettable taste for you. So it is a famous chocolate brand in Dubai.

10. Cacao Sampaka, the best place to buy chocolate in Dubai

You have recently settled in your apartment in Dubai and have been invited to a party. You don’t know where to get chocolate for gifts? So stay with us with this introduction.

This Chocolate Barcelona company, Cacao Sampaka is one of the few companies that use cocoa beans in the chocolate process. For this reason, Sampaka has noticed the difference between different beans and has shown this difference to consumers. Sampaka has made a Major Cacao Origins collection, it is brought up by the world’s cocoa-producing countries such as Venezuela, Grenada, and ivory Coast. Therefore, this is one of the best places to buy chocolate in Dubai. If you want to experience strange and very tasty chocolate, we suggest you try their curry chocolate truffles, or their hot chocolate while sitting in their beautiful café. It’s located in Dubai Mall.

List of 20 best chocolate stores in Dubai

11. Chocoa, the best place to buy chocolate as a gift in Dubai

Chocoa, located behind the Mall of Emirates in Al Barsha, offers a delightful array of both Western and Eastern sweet flavors. Their selection includes dried fruits like dates and apricots covered in chocolate, showcasing the perfect combination of tangy and sweet.

The store presents beautiful baskets, boxes, platters, and trays filled with incredibly tasty chocolate creations that make for wonderful gifts. The unique blend of dark chocolates with milk and solidified textures creates a distinct flavor profile.

Chocoa also offers a variety of ready-to-purchase chocolates to satisfy different tastes. Don’t miss out on their hazelnut chocolates and pralines which are highly recommended for an indulgent treat.

Whether you’re looking for something specific or simply want to explore a wide range of delectable chocolate options, Chocoa is definitely worth visiting.

List of 20 best chocolate stores in Dubai

12. Ghraoui, Dubai’s special chocolate shop

Ghraoui, a Syrian chocolate company with a rich history dating back to 1805, has made its mark in Dubai. With two branches located in the Dubai Mall (Lower Ground Level) and Dubai Festival City, Ghraoui offers an exquisite selection of chocolates.

Their workshop produces over 100 different chocolate models, ranging from dark chocolate infused with Turkish delight and pistachios to Mediterranean-inspired shells crafted from white chocolate and praline. Ghraoui is renowned for its high-quality chocolates and is considered one of the famous brands in Dubai’s chocolate scene.

List of 20 best chocolate stores in Dubai

13. Galler Chocolateries, another best chocolate shop in Dubai

This shop has a wide range of delicious products such as dark and milk chocolate, creamy, smooth pates, chocolate bars, cocoa powder, butter biscuits, and ice cream. And we have to say here has the best chocolates in Dubai. You want to celebrate your anniversary wedding in your villa in Dubai, and you want to design each chocolate with your name? Galler chocolateries do it for you. We have to say it has 2 branches, Mall of Emirates and Marina Mall in Dubai.

List of 20 best chocolate stores in Dubai

14. Hotel Chocolate, an English chocolate brand in Dubai

Contrary to the misconception, this renowned chocolate brand is actually English. With 55 shops spread across the United Kingdom, the company has gained popularity for its cocoa cultivation on its farm.

The brand offers a delectable range of iconic half-kilo giant slabs in various flavors such as Mississippi mud pie, caramel, white chocolate cookies, and irresistible praline puddles. It has made a significant impact as one of the great chocolate brands in the UAE.

Their first store in Mirdif City Center marks their entry into the UAE market, and they have further expanded with branches in Bahrain and Kuwait. Indulging in their mouth-watering creations is an experience not to be missed.

15. Jeff de Bruges

If you have sweet teeth and like to try new things, we suggest you visit one of the Indian sweets shops in Dubai, but some people who are chocolate-loving, are heavily commuting to Jeff de Bruges shop. As Dubai residents know, it’s located in the Mall of Emirates. The finest Belgian chocolate, truffle, marzipan, fruit jellies, ganaches, and pralines are available for sale in their shop.

List of 20 best chocolate stores in Dubai

16. Moca, a luxury place for chocolate in Dubai

Moca, a haven for chocoholics in Dubai, offers an incredible experience with its three branches located in Dubai Mall (Ground Floor), Wafi, and Jumeira center. This chocolate paradise stocks an extensive selection of luxury brands including Godiva.

At Moca, you’ll find a wide variety of choices to satisfy your chocolate cravings. From gift baskets filled with delectable treats to golf ball-shaped chocolates and other sweet delights, there is something to please every sweet tooth. Don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in the luxurious world of chocolates at Moca.

List of 20 best chocolate stores in Dubai

17. Vival Patisserie, the best place to buy chocolate in Dubai

This international patisserie shop, with branches in Souk Madinat Jumeirah and Jumeirah, offers a delectable variety of delights. From French truffles to imported strawberry macaroons, Arabian, Persian, and European sweets – there is something for everyone’s taste buds. The shop also prides itself on serving top-notch coffee.

When it comes to Scandinavian candy, this patisserie takes the lead. Customers can purchase tiny sculpted cookies by the kilo and explore exciting flavors like djungelvral from Sweden (salt licorice) or fiery tyrkisk peber (extra hot licorice) from Finland.

For those who appreciate unique and tempting treats, this patisserie is a must-visit destination that caters to diverse palates with its wide array of confections.

List of 20 best chocolate stores in Dubai

18. Candylicious, a Dubai famous chocolate name

Candylicious, located in front of the Dubai Aquarium, offers a perfect combination of indulgence and entertainment. As you explore this world’s largest candy store, you can enjoy the mesmerizing view of huge sharks swimming in the aquarium.

Candylicious is a paradise for those with a sweet tooth, offering an extensive range of sweets and candies that cater to every taste. From the world’s biggest Hershey’s chocolate bar to a dedicated section for gourmet chocolates and the full range of Jelly Belly goodies, it has everything to satisfy your cravings.

Living in Dubai without visiting Candylicious would be missing out on an extraordinary experience. The store’s impressive selection and unique location make it a must-visit destination for anyone seeking delightful treats and memorable moments.

Candylicious, a Dubai famous chocolate name

The best chocolates in Dubai

As you read the article, we reviewed the list of the best chocolate shops in Dubai with the address and products they have for sale. So if you’re looking for delicious and beautiful souvenirs for your family members on your trip to Dubai, you can visit one of the Dubai’s best chocolate shops and buy the most beautiful souvenir boxes. Also, if you live in Dubai and want to create delicious evenings for yourself and your family, you can buy delicious chocolates from the famous chocolate brands in Dubai.

In the end, if you have read these articles and find out about Dubai’s incompetent features and think about investing in Dubai Properties and buying a house in Dubai, you can get help from Iland Consulting.

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