Everything About Sharjah Desert Park for a First-Time Visitor

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While Abu Dhabi and Dubai often take the spotlight as popular tourist destinations in the United Arab Emirates, the city of Sharjah shouldn’t be overlooked. Sharjah boasts a rich history and captivating attractions that make it a worthwhile place to visit.

One such attraction is the Sharjah Desert Park, which offers a diverse range of activities to keep visitors entertained. Whether you’re traveling with friends, family, or simply enjoy being in nature, the park has something for everyone. It provides an opportunity to learn about the unique ecosystem and wildlife of the desert while exploring its scenic beauty.

The Sharjah Desert Park is a must-visit for nature enthusiasts and those looking to delve into the cultural and natural heritage of the region. It offers a delightful experience for tourists seeking to discover the hidden gems of Sharjah.

Everything About Sharjah Desert Park for a First-Time Visitor

Sharjah Desert Park; Perfect Tourist Destination

The Desert Park in Sharjah originated in 1995 as a rescue center aimed at protecting endangered plants and animals in the region. Over time, it transformed into a bustling educational hub offering various attractions and activities. The park features beautiful royal botanic gardens, a petting farm, and a breeding center for rare desert species, although public access to the breeding facility is not available.

Aside from being an enjoyable recreational destination, the Desert Park also serves as an educational experience. Visitors can explore museums such as the Museum of Natural History, a children’s farm, and a museum dedicated to Arab wildlife. With a span of one kilometer, there is plenty to explore and learn for visitors of all ages at the park.

What Can You See in Sharjah Desert Park?

This wonderful park will provide you with so many attractions, such as:

1. Natural History and Botanical Museum

The Sharjah Natural History Museum offers visitors a journey through Sharjah’s history and diverse ecosystems. With dedicated sections like “Journey through Sharjah,” “Desert Life,” “A Journey through Time,” “The Living World,” and “The Living Sea,” the museum provides an immersive and educational experience.

In the “Journey through Sharjah” section, visitors can explore conserved habitats and learn about the indigenous flora and wildlife that have thrived in the city. The “Desert Life” section showcases how living species have adapted to the challenging desert environment.

The museum’s “A Journey through Time” section features geological displays, including fossils of dinosaurs, petrified copper ore, meteorites, and ancient stones and fossils. In the “Living World” section, visitors can see images of actual living creatures and understand their impact on the ecosystem and other species.

The “Living Sea” section displays life-size models of marine animals, making it a fascinating place for those interested in marine ecology.

Since its opening in 2008, the Sharjah Botanical Museum has become a renowned tourist attraction. Interactive exhibits allow visitors to learn about mushrooms, plankton, grasslands, plants, and trees. The museum caters to all ages and provides an excellent opportunity for botany enthusiasts to explore the fascinating world of plant life spanning millions of years.

Everything About Sharjah Desert Park for a First-Time Visitor

2. Arabia’s Wildlife Center in Sharjah Desert Park

Opened in 1999, the Arabian Wildlife Center in Sharjah is a popular tourist destination aimed at promoting a better understanding of the region’s rich biodiversity. Established as the first educational facility in a UAE natural reserve, it offers a unique experience for visitors.

The center features various sections, including the Reptiles and Insect House, showcasing distinctive species like the Arabian Cobra and Saw-scaled Vipers. The Aviary provides a habitat for a range of bird species collected from different Arabian habitats. The Nocturnal Animals section offers the opportunity to observe creatures such as foxes, honey badgers, and wildcats, known for their nighttime activity.

Large carnivores and primates find their home in dedicated areas, housing Arabian leopards, striped hyenas, Arabian wolves, and Hamadryas baboons. The facility also includes a cafeteria and viewing area, providing visitors with a chance to enjoy refreshments while overlooking the impressive antelope exhibits, which showcase Arabian Oryx, ostriches, gazelles, and other wildlife in their natural environments.

The Arabian Wildlife Center serves as an engaging and educational destination, allowing visitors to appreciate and learn about the unique and diverse wildlife found in the region.

Everything About Sharjah Desert Park for a First-Time Visitor

More amenities at Arabia’s wildlife center

At the Sharjah Desert Park, the Arabia’s Wildlife Center provides an engaging experience for visitors of all ages. With climate-controlled settings, audio recordings, and instructional panels, the center offers an educational atmosphere.

The outdoor area of the park features a designated space where children can interact with and feed various farm animals such as cows, goats, Arabian horses, and camels, adding to the enjoyable experience for kids.

Awareness-raising events and seminars are organized, allowing visitors of all ages to deepen their knowledge about local animals and birds.

For book enthusiasts, the farm encompasses a charming library with a collection of books and reading materials specifically curated for travelers. Additionally, eco-friendly films and documentaries can be enjoyed on-site, providing further insights into environmental conservation and wildlife.

The Sharjah Desert Park offers a well-rounded experience, combining interactive encounters, educational resources, and engaging entertainment, making it a great destination for families and individuals seeking to explore and learn about the diverse wildlife of the region.

Everything About Sharjah Desert Park for a First-Time Visitor

3. A Breeding Center for Endangered Arabia Wildlife (Bceaw)

Established in 1998, BCEAW (Center for Endangered Animal Welfare) has been dedicated to the conservation and protection of endangered species. The center has emerged as a significant hub for studying endangered animals, with a particular focus on the Arabian Cobra and the Arabian Leopard in the region.

BCEAW actively participates in international breeding programs, collaborating with researchers from around the world, including the United States. These partnerships have proven highly beneficial, allowing for the exchange of resources and expertise, all with the shared goal of safeguarding endangered species.

Through its research and conservation efforts, BCEAW plays a vital role in raising awareness and contributing to the preservation of threatened wildlife in the region and beyond.

Everything About Sharjah Desert Park for a First-Time Visitor

4. Islamic Botanical Garden: The Best Part of Sharjah Desert Park for Muslims

The Islamic Garden, located within the Sharjah Desert Park, holds the distinction of being the first of its kind in the Middle East. Opened to the public in 2014, the garden showcases approximately 100 plant species, including figs and citrus fruits, which are mentioned in the Holy Quran.

To enhance the visitor experience, the garden provides ID cards and touchscreens, allowing tourists to learn more about the plants and their significance. Additionally, a café is available for visitors to enjoy refreshments, and the library offers a collection of books catering to all ages and reading levels.

The Islamic Garden offers a unique opportunity for visitors to explore the connection between nature and religious references, providing a serene and educational environment within the Sharjah Desert Park.

Everything About Sharjah Desert Park for a First-Time Visitor

Sharjah Desert Park Ticket Price

The entrance fee to the Sharjah Desert Park is AED 15 for adults and AED 5 for teenagers aged 12 and above. Children under 12 years old enjoy free admission. Many tourists find the ticket prices reasonable as they grant access to all the facilities within the park, excluding the breeding center.

Visitors who purchase tickets also have the opportunity to join guided tours, enhancing their experience and understanding of the park’s attractions.

Tickets for the Sharjah Desert Park can be conveniently purchased both online and at the venue, offering flexibility for visitors to plan their visit accordingly.

Everything About Sharjah Desert Park for a First-Time Visitor

Sharjah Desert Park Amenities

  • The Sharjah Desert Park offers observatories with climate control, providing comfortable viewing experiences for visitors.
  • A café within the park offers a convenient place to enjoy a meal or snack during your visit.
  • For those seeking a place of worship, the park also has an on-site mosque available for visitors to pray.
  • The café provides an opportunity to observe the animals in their natural environments, allowing guests to enjoy their meals while observing the wildlife.
  • Indoor aviaries with climate control and air conditioning feature glass panels, enabling visitors to admire the creatures from a close vantage point.
  • Convenient parking facilities are available near the park, allowing guests to easily leave their vehicles and explore the attractions within.
Everything About Sharjah Desert Park for a First-Time Visitor

Guide To Visit Sharjah Desert Park

  • To make the most of your visit to the Sharjah Desert Park, it is recommended to arrive early in the day to avoid crowds and fully explore the popular attractions.
  • Start your journey by visiting the Museum of Natural History and Botanical Gardens, where you can delve into the diverse natural wonders and botanical displays.
  • While exploring the Botanical Garden, take a leisurely stroll amidst the captivating Arabian flower varieties, enjoying their beauty and fragrance.
  • Don’t miss a trip to the Children’s Farm, where you can encounter adorable ponies, horses, and camels, creating a delightful experience for both children and adults.
  • Please note that dogs are not permitted within the premises of the Sharjah Desert Park, so it is advised not to bring them along during your visit.
  • By following these recommendations, you can maximize your time at the park and immerse yourself in the remarkable attractions it has to offer.
Everything About Sharjah Desert Park for a First-Time Visitor

Top Attractions Around Sharjah Desert Park

There is a slew of fun activities centered around Sharjah Desert Park. Also, Sharjah has so many other tourist attractions, such as Al Noor Island. You can take a complete guide to Al Noor Island, Sharjah to experience a wonderful journey to this island.

In this section, we are going to see some other attractions around Sharjah Desert Park. These attractions include:

1. Museum of Classic Automobiles; Travel To The Past

The museum is a must-visit for automobile enthusiasts, offering an impressive collection spanning from a Model T Ford to a 1974 MG Midget. A standout highlight of the museum is the 1969 Mercedes Pullman Limousine, a rare and specially designed vehicle for Sharjah’s monarch, with only a limited number produced worldwide. The museum’s five sections showcase a range of captivating automobiles, providing a fascinating journey through automotive history.

Everything About Sharjah Desert Park for a First-Time Visitor

2. Discovery Center; Perfect Place For Your Curious Children

The Sharjah Discovery Center is a purpose-built facility catering to children aged three to twelve, offering them an engaging environment to explore and understand the world of science and technology. Children have the opportunity to read, investigate, and learn about the scientific concepts and technological advancements they encounter in their everyday lives.

The center provides interactive activities where children can drive toy cars along a track, simulating real-life traffic scenarios and teaching them about following traffic laws. They can also engage in imaginative play by constructing homes using colorful blocks and construction cranes, fostering creativity and hands-on learning experiences.

With its focus on hands-on exploration and learning through play, the Sharjah Discovery Center provides a stimulating and educational space for young children to develop their curiosity and understanding of science and technology.

Everything About Sharjah Desert Park for a First-Time Visitor

3. Al Aweer Plane Crash Site; Uncovered Tragedy

The Al Aweer Plane Crash Site has gained attention and become an intriguing tourist attraction due to the emergence of a propeller and debris from a crashed plane. However, the history and exact details of the disaster, including the site of the collision, remain unknown. This mysterious and unsolved tragedy has created a poignant and captivating legacy, making it one of the popular tourist attractions in the area for those seeking a unique and thought-provoking experience.

Everything About Sharjah Desert Park for a First-Time Visitor

Sharjah Desert Park Highlights

  • Since its opening in 1995, the park has become a hub of attractions in its 1 sq.km area, hosting the Sharjah Botanical Museum, the Arabian Wildlife Center, the Children’s Farm, and the Sharjah Natural History Museum.
  • The Arabian Wildlife Center stands out as the only zoo in the UAE that allows animals to thrive in their natural environments. Visitors can observe various endemic species, including Egyptian fruit bats, Omani blind cave fish, Arabian Cobras, and Oryx.
  • The Sharjah Botanical Museum, established in 2008, offers interactive exhibits showcasing a wide array of flowers, herbs, and plants, providing an engaging and educational experience for visitors.
  • An exceptional feature of the park is the Islamic Garden, a unique and culturally significant garden filled with flora that is mentioned in the Holy Quran.
  • With its diverse range of attractions, the park offers visitors a chance to explore and appreciate the natural wonders and cultural heritage of the region.
Everything About Sharjah Desert Park for a First-Time Visitor
One beauty camel in desert at sunset

FAQs About Sharjah Desert Park

Now that you’ve learned all there is to know about Sharjah Desert Park, let’s move on to the most commonly asked questions.

Are There Venue-Specific Rules in Sharjah Desert Park?

When planning a trip to the park with your loved ones, please take note of the following important information:

  • Respect the strict no-photography policy in effect within the park premises.
  • Any irresponsible behavior or harm to the ecosystem will be subject to sanctions and monetary penalties, so please ensure to act responsibly and preserve the environment.
  • Dogs are not allowed within the park, so make arrangements accordingly.
  • Dress modestly during your visit, adhering to local customs and cultural norms. It is advisable to wear light and breathable clothing, especially during the summer months, to ensure comfort in the park’s surroundings.

By being mindful of these guidelines, you can have a pleasant and enjoyable experience while respecting the park’s regulations and preserving the natural environment.

What are the opening and closing times for Sharjah Park?

The Sharjah Desert Park welcomes visitors from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. On Fridays, the park is open from 2:00 p.m. until 5:30 p.m. Visitors can also enjoy the park’s attractions on Saturdays, with operating hours from 11:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Please note that the park remains closed on Tuesdays, and no access is granted on this day.

By keeping these operating hours in mind, you can plan your visit accordingly and make the most of your time at the Sharjah Desert Park.

How long does it take to go around the park and see everything?

To fully explore and experience the attractions within the Sharjah Desert Park, it is recommended to allocate a minimum of four to five hours for your visit. This timeframe allows ample time to enjoy the various sections of the park, including the museums, wildlife center, botanical garden, and other highlights. By allowing sufficient time, you can immerse yourself in the park’s offerings and make the most of your visit.

When should I visit Sharjah Desert Park?

Exploring the Sharjah Desert Park during the early morning is highly recommended for two reasons. Firstly, there are fewer visitors, providing a more serene and uncrowded experience. Secondly, the temperature is cooler during the morning hours, offering a more comfortable environment for exploration.

It is important to note that the desert can become quite hot during the afternoons and at night. By visiting the park in the morning, you can avoid the peak heat and make the most of your time in a more pleasant and favorable climate.

By planning your visit accordingly, you can enjoy the park’s attractions to the fullest and ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience in the desert surroundings.

Is it worth visiting Sharjah Desert Park?

A visit to the Sharjah Desert Park is highly recommended as it offers a valuable opportunity to learn about the diverse wildlife of the region and gain a deeper understanding of the Arabian Peninsula as a whole. Exploring the park’s attractions and learning about the unique flora and fauna will enrich your knowledge and appreciation of this remarkable desert environment. The experience is undoubtedly worthwhile, allowing you to connect with nature and broaden your understanding of the Arabian Peninsula’s ecological significance.

What are Sharjah Desert Park’s key attractions?

A visit to the Sharjah Desert Park is incomplete without exploring the captivating attractions it offers. Make sure to include a visit to Arabia’s Wildlife Center, where you can witness a diverse range of wildlife, the beautiful gardens, showcasing the region’s botanical wonders, and the engaging kids’ farm, providing an interactive experience for children. These highlights contribute to the overall charm and educational value of the park, ensuring a well-rounded and enjoyable visit for all.


This article has covered all about Sharjah Desert Park. Sharjah Desert Park is a rehab zone with vast territories representing three fields, including the Museum of Natural History, the Arabian Wildlife Center, and the Children’s Farm. It assists visitors in getting a more in-depth understanding of UAE plants and animals and the scientific interpretation of biological cycles in the most pleasurable ways imaginable.

This park is wonderful, and the city is even better. Living in Sharjah will provide you with the best lifestyle. If you want to buy a property in Sharjah, our expert in Iiland Real State will help you find the best property based on your budget.

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