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Hudayriyat Leisure & Entertainment District is a vast seaside neighborhood encompassing a sprawling area of 3,100 hectares. It is an integral part of the Hudayriyat Recreation Project in Abu Dhabi. If you’re keen on exploring the attractions and activities available on this archipelago, we have a comprehensive guide to Abu Dhabi’s al Hudayriat Island. Keep reading to discover more about the captivating offerings of this island.

About Abu Dhabi Al Hudayriat Island

The Al Hudayriat Island project has been in the works for the last ten years, and the first stage of the beachfront and outdoor district opened for business in 2018. The island will be included in a brand new metropolis that will be developed nearby. Also, it’s going to have plenty of residential and commercial space.

The island, which can be found after the suspension (which is also often sarcastically referred to as the bridge that now goes to someplace), has emerged as a popular destination for tourists and a wonderful place for locals to unwind on the weekends.

When you come to this island, you will definitely want to live in Abu Dhabi. You can make this city your permanent house if you know how to register for Abu Dhabi citizenship.

How To Get to Abu Dhabi Al Hudayriat Island?

To reach Al Hudayriat Island from Abu Dhabi city, follow these directions:

  1. Head southeast on Al Karamah Street.
  2. Take the exit onto Mohamed Bin Khalifa Street at the roundabout.
  3. At the next roundabout, take the second exit and continue straight onto Mohamed Bin Khalifa Street.
  4. Make a left turn onto Al Bateen Street (32nd Street).
  5. Continue straight to access Jarneen Street.

By following these steps, you will be able to reach Al Hudayriat Island, located on Abu Dhabi’s coast, from the city.

How Can You Make Reservations For Abu Dhabi Al Hudayriat Island?

Before they may drive to the island, all guests must make reservations in advance for the new recreational amenities. The beach, cycling track, and running track are all open to the public and continue to be free of charge on a “first come, first served” basis; nevertheless, these areas are often not too busy.

Every additional amenity for leisure must be reserved in advance, much like the other third-party service providers mentioned above.

If you finish your visit, you can visit the amazing public libraries in Abu Dhabi. Also, you can borrow your favorite book and then return to the island and read the book in front of the best view.

What Is the Opening Hours of Al Hudayriyat Island?

The Al Hudayriyat restaurant operates daily, seven days a week. The specific opening hours for each facility can be found on their respective websites.

However, it’s important to note that before visiting any public areas or leisure facilities on Al Hudayriyat Island, visitors are required to have a “green pass.” This pass can be obtained by downloading the Alhosn app, as per the updated health and safety regulations mandated by the Abu Dhabi government.

Things To Do at Abu Dhabi Al Hudayriat Island

A visit to Al Hudayriyat Island offers something for everyone, catering to diverse interests and preferences. Here are a few reasons why this attraction can be beneficial:

  1. Water Activities: Water enthusiasts can enjoy a range of activities such as swimming, kayaking, paddleboarding, and more.
  2. Cycling: The island provides cycling tracks, making it an ideal destination for cyclists to explore scenic routes and enjoy outdoor exercise.
  3. Family-Friendly Beach: Families can relax and have fun at the beach, creating memorable moments and enjoying quality time together.
  4. Recreation and Leisure: Al Hudayriyat Island offers various recreational facilities and leisure amenities, ensuring there are ample opportunities for relaxation and entertainment.

Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or quality time with loved ones, a visit to Al Hudayriyat Island can cater to your preferences and provide an enjoyable experience.

Abu Dhabi Al Hudayriat Island Cycling: The Best Riding Routes

Al Hudayriat Island is a favored destination among cyclists in Abu Dhabi due to its exceptional cycling routes. The island features a bridge with two separate bicycle paths, offering routes of up to 10 kilometers and 5 kilometers in length.

As you ride your bike, you’ll be treated to stunning views of the sea along the road. The cycling track is well-lit during the evening, accommodating riders who prefer a later start. Additionally, cyclists can enjoy breathtaking panoramas of the Etihad Towers, Downtown Abu Dhabi, and the Arabian Gulf from the dedicated cycling track.

Many riders, both professionals and enthusiasts, bring their own bikes. However, Yas Cycles, located on Al Hudayriat Island, provides the option of renting bicycles and helmets for those who wish to participate in the activity.

Pricing of the Al Hudayriat Island Cycling

Yas Cycles on Al Hudayriat Island offers bike rental services at AED 50 for adults and AED 25 for children for the first hour. Guests with their own bicycles can take advantage of service packages starting at AED 150, which include services such as cleaning, brake tune-ups, and tubeless tire installations.

Yas Cycles operates from Monday to Sunday, with opening hours from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Whether you need a bike rental or maintenance for your own bicycle, Yas Cycles provides convenient services for cycling enthusiasts on Al Hudayriat Island.

Marvel at the Suspension Bridge in Al Hudayriat Island

As a result of the opening of Al Hudayriat Island to tourists, the bridge that was once known as the “bridge to nowhere” gained new significance. The suspension bridge, which currently acts as a spectacular entranceway to the island and provides an outstanding picture opportunity from the beach below, required millions of dirhams to build. Now it serves as the centerpiece of the island’s infrastructure.

After visiting this beautiful scene, you can go to top nightclubs in Abu Dhabi and make your night memorable.

Explore Abu Dhabi Al Hudayriat Island

Upon crossing the bridge, visitors to Al Hudayriat Island can indulge in the array of amenities available at Al Hudayriat Beach. This free community beach area is a hidden gem, offering a range of activities and facilities. As one of the newest beaches in Abu Dhabi, it provides a serene and tranquil atmosphere, making it an ideal destination for relaxation and leisure.

Eat and Drink in Al Hudayriat Island in Abu Dhabi

Al Hudayriat Beach, like many public beaches in the UAE, offers a diverse range of dining options for the public. With over half a dozen new restaurants on Al Hudayriat Island, visitors can choose from a variety of cuisines, including kid-friendly fast food, breakfast options, and coffee. Whether you prefer to grab your order from a window and enjoy it in your parked vehicle or sit down and savor your meal while admiring the stunning scenery, the choice is yours.

While the trucks may be rearranged periodically, you can expect to find at least one coffee vendor, a burger restaurant, or an ice cream truck among the dining options available. This ensures that visitors have a selection of food and beverages to complement their time at Al Hudayriat Beach.

Run, Play and Swim in Abu Dhabi Al Hudayriat Island

Due to the extensive coastline spanning over 600 meters on Al Hudayriat Island, swimming across it would require several hours. However, the tranquil ocean offers a serene environment, and the distant islands can be seen from the shore.

For those who prefer to stay dry, relaxing on the sandy coast with a good book or lounging in a beach chair under an umbrella is a perfect option. Witnessing the beautiful sunset over the city from a vantage point is also a delightful experience.

Aside from the popular cycling path, the island provides football grounds, volleyball courts, and various other sports facilities. The use of these sporting amenities is generally free, excluding bicycle rentals.

Swimmers are required to stay behind a safety line, and lifeguards are stationed in the water to ensure everyone’s safety. Additionally, restroom and shower facilities are conveniently available at the beach, situated across from the parking lot.

Playground for Kids in Abu Dhabi Al Hudayriat Island

For the recreation and amusement of the beach’s younger guests, the island has provided a brightly colored playground. The sandy plot of land that serves as the playground setting is home to various play equipment, including slides and swings.

The best place to go after spending your time in play ground is restaurants. We suggest you visit top seafood restaurants in Abu Dhabi and enjoy your time in this wonderful city.

Watersports; Boat and Jet-ski Slipway Facilities

Located below the main bridge of the island, there is a boat and jet-ski slipway. Owners can use this slipway for free to load and unload their own boats and jet skis, provided they handle the process themselves. However, there is an option to pay a fee if one prefers to have an operator assist with the loading and unloading.

Al Hudayriat Island offers a selection of food trucks, providing diverse culinary options for visitors. The island also provides bathing facilities, along with separate restrooms for women and men, ensuring convenience and comfort for all guests.

Top Facilities in the Abu Dhabi Al Hudayriat Island

Now let’s see the very best and perfect facilities on the island.

Ocr Park in Abu Dhabi Al Hudayriat Island

The recently built OCR Park is pleased to have the status of being the United Arab Emirates’ biggest obstacle course. Both the adult and children’s courses each comprise eight different obstacle challenges for endurance training using the most recent technologies.

The price of admission for a weekday ticket is 100 AED, while the price for a weekend pass is 150 AED. Classes for people of varying fitness levels are held every day between the hours of 6:00 am and 8:00 pm.

If you live in Dubai and want to see this beautiful island, you can your best ways among many ways to get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai. Never miss visiting these eye catching island.

Bab Al Nojoum Glamping in Abu Dhabi Al Hudayriat Island

For families planning a vacation in Abu Dhabi, Bab Al Nojoum in Hudayriyat Mar Vista offers an unforgettable glamping experience. Situated in the Hudayriyat Leisure and Entertainment District, Bab Al Nojoum provides luxurious and environmentally-friendly accommodations on a stunning beach.

Guests can choose from a range of opulent duplex and chalet tents, coastal camping options, and camper vans. The contemporary duplex tents can accommodate up to four people, while the lodge-style chalet tents can sleep up to six people and feature private plunge pools.

These tents are well-appointed with amenities including mini-kitchens, private toilets, comfortable mattresses, air conditioning, and WiFi access. For a unique camping experience, guests can also opt for one of the three antique vans, complete with a kitchenette, cozy mattresses, air conditioning, WiFi, and towels. Bab Al Nojoum offers a blend of comfort and adventure for families seeking a memorable stay in Abu Dhabi.

Top features in Bab Al Nojoum Glamping

Bab Al Nojoum offers a beachfront camping experience with 17 plots featuring canvas tents of different sizes. The camping area provides essential amenities such as beach showers, shared facilities, round-the-clock rooms, guest services, and free parking.

Guests at Bab Al Nojoum can enjoy a range of convenient dining options, including the alfresco 280 Restaurant, various juice bars, and a snack bar. The camping experience is enhanced with barbecue pits, a movie screen, a festival lawn, a playground, a campfire, and motorless water activities.

For a memorable and cost-effective family holiday in Abu Dhabi, consider traveling to Bab Al Nojoum and booking a room. It offers a unique camping experience on the beachfront, ensuring an enjoyable stay in the United Arab Emirates.

321 Sports: Vast Variety of Athletic Facilities

The wide variety of indoor and outdoor athletic facilities offered by 321 Sports includes the following:

  • A field outside that is specifically designated for playing football at full size
  • Four arenas specifically designed for the game of basketball
  • There are four volleyball courts.
  • Four sand volleyball courts at the beach

In addition to that, there are areas designated for badminton and paddle tennis. A two-kilometer long running track and a ten-kilometer cycling track are both parts of the 321 Sports complex. The cycling track is free to use, and you can hire bicycles from the 321 Sports complex.

The 321 Hub is a component of the sports facilities and contains a children’s play area, a cycling studio, a café, and a gym. Court or equipment rental is available on a pay-as-you-go basis for visitors, while locals may be interested in the various membership options available (monthly and annually).

Keeo in mind that for paying all the facilities, you should jave bank account in Abu Dhabi. You can open an account in the best banks in Abu Dhabi.

The Hudayriyat Heritage Trail in Abu Dhabi

The Hudayriyat Heritage Trail, managed by Mawarid Hotels and Hospitality, is situated along the sea, offering visitors the opportunity to engage with nature while exploring the island’s historical and cultural significance.

This part of the island is also home to adventurous activities, and it provides a connection between Bab al Nojoum and Marsana through the Heritage Trail. Guests staying at Bab al Nojoum can easily access Marsana and enjoy the range of adventurous activities offered along the trail.

Marsana: Thriving Cultural and Athletic Scene

Mar Vista Beach in Marsana Hudayriyat is not only a popular destination for tourists and locals but also a vibrant hub for culture and sports. This scenic beach offers a diverse range of food and beverage establishments, amusement activities, and relaxation facilities. It is also equipped with sporting venues for various events.

Hudayriyat Mar Vista Beach, with its rich history as a former home of pearl divers, has transformed into a unique community destination that draws inspiration from its stunning surroundings. It brings together a wide range of cultural and lifestyle experiences, offering something for everyone.

As part of a larger development project by Modon, the area features a mix of recreational and sporting facilities. Alongside the traditional architecture and scenic seascapes, visitors can enjoy an array of food and beverage establishments, ranging from high-end restaurants to food carts. This creates a diverse and enjoyable experience for all visitors to Mar Vista Beach.

Circuit X Splash Park and Skate Park in Al Hudayriat Island

Located within the Marsana complex on the western side of the island, Circuit X parks offer thrilling paid activities. It is highly recommended to make reservations in advance to secure your spot. Circuit X is one of the most thrilling destinations in Abu Dhabi, featuring four separate parks designed to provide entertainment throughout the day and night.

Splash Park

Al Hudayriat Island offers an exciting experience for children with its wet and dry play spaces, pool, splash fountains, and the Pirate’s Playground. Trained staff members supervise the children’s activities to ensure their safety.

Parents or guardians are required to accompany children aged one to three years old at all times, while children aged four and above can be left under the supervision of park staff. Including a visit to the Splash Park in your family vacation itinerary is an excellent choice for engaging activities for children during your stay in Abu Dhabi.

Skate Park: training grounds with courses

The Skate Park on Al Hudayriat Island offers an exhilarating experience for skaters of all skill levels. With training grounds, street-style walls, bridges, bowls, platforms, handrails, and a quarter pipe, there are plenty of options for endless fun. Qualified instructors are also available for personalized one-on-one instruction.

For safety purposes, all participants are required to wear helmets and closed-toe shoes. The minimum age for participation is five years old, and there are specific hours from 8 pm to 10 pm designated for participants aged 13 and above. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, the Skate Park provides an exciting destination for skateboarding enthusiasts on Al Hudayriat Island.

Pricing at Circuit X in Abu Dhabi Al Hudayriat Island

Circuit X BMX Track admission is priced at 40 AED for one hour, while the High Ropes Park costs 55 AED per person, covering two circuits with additional amenities available at individual costs. The Splash and Climb Park charges 50 AED for one hour of admission, and the Skate Park is priced at 20 AED for one hour.

It’s important to note that there is a wider range of price options and package choices available for visitors to choose from.

BMX Park in Abu Dhabi Al Hudayriat Island

The BMX park at Circuit X offers thrilling excitement for bikers of all skill levels. With a fantastic dirt course featuring 15 unique bends, ramps, hills, and other features, it provides an exhilarating experience. Additionally, it boasts one of the largest asphalt pump tracks in the United Arab Emirates.

Coaches are available to provide guidance and tips for riders. It is mandatory for all participants to wear helmets and closed-toe shoes. The minimum age requirement is seven years old, and children aged 12 and above can participate unaccompanied by a parent or guardian. The BMX park offers a thrilling and safe environment for biking enthusiasts to enjoy.

The Ropes Park in Abu Dhabi Al Hudayriat Island

At the thrilling Ropes Park, visitors can enjoy soaring to new heights while taking in breathtaking views of the sea and Abu Dhabi cityscape. The park features a three-tiered ropes course with 31 challenges, a 100-meter zipline, a 13-meter free-fall leap, and a 50-foot climbing wall.

For safety and suitability, children aged 7 to 10 are recommended to try the Green Circuit, while those aged 11 to 14 can take on the Blue Circuit. Participants aged 15 and above can tackle the more challenging Black Circuit. Closed-toe shoes are mandatory, and height and weight restrictions may apply. It’s an exhilarating experience for adventure enthusiasts of various ages and skill levels.

FAQs about Al Hudayriyat Island in Abu Dhabi

Let’s look at the most common questions about this island now that you’ve learned all there is to know about it.

Is the island of Hudayriyat free to visit?

Entry to Hudayriyat Island is free, allowing visitors to enjoy various amenities such as the beach, bike trails, and playground at no cost. However, certain sports and recreational facilities on the island may require additional fees to access and utilize their services.

What is the procedure for reserving Hudayriyat island?

To access the paid features and services on Hudayriyat Island, visitors are required to get in touch with the respective service providers. As mentioned earlier, contacting the specific providers is necessary to inquire about availability, prices, and reservations for the desired activities or amenities.

Is Hudayriyat Island dry?

Alcohol is not available for purchase in any of the dining establishments on Marsana, Hudayriyat Island.

Conclusion on Abu Dhabi Al Hudayriat Island

In addition to the activities and attractions that have already been highlighted, Al Hudayriat Island has also hosted several other kinds of events. In this article, we have a complete Abu Dhabi Al Hudayriat island guide.

Tourists may not be able to see as much of the island as they’d like in the coming years due to the construction of large apartment complexes. There isn’t always a need to get off of the beach since it often provides enough entertainment and relaxation on its own.

If you are considering going to this island, we strongly recommend stopping by Abu Dhabi first and checking out the houses for sale in Abu Dhabi. We do not doubt that this will come as a shock to you. Also, you may depend on Iland Rreal state company to assist you in finding the most suitable home within your financial constraints.

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